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Medicinal Embryonic Phytochemistry (MEP)
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About who is behind this Novel Methodology

Dominique Richard is a super generalist of all specialties in medicine and does not claim to still being a physician until the day we know everything about the human body, which we do not know when that day will come. He is a research scientist on the novel discovery of embryonic phytotherapy being the best nature as to offer as far as pharmacological tools that are the most effective pharmacological agents this far known. Dominique serves as a medical phytochemist, and consultant to physician that he also trains in the design of custom made Biotherapeutic Programs. He can be retained to consult with anyone who seek his expertise for a fee. He is the author of an extensive self-publish book consisting of 18,000 pages encyclopedia on the medicinal embryonic phytochemistry. Also, that pollution today as increased yet it remains, largely ignored and rarely evaluated by most physicians the degree of the body toxic burden (BTB). Known as a direct root cause for many conditions and diseases. Dominique Richard has 47 years of experience in medical embryonic phytotherapy and staying abreast the latest literature and development in medicine for each medical specialty, including Nutrition Science. Furthermore, Dominique has studied every imaginable type of natural approach to medicine and today he almost exclusively uses mainly embryonic phytotherapy as is preferred methodology by which he achieves the impossible according to the testimonial presented on this website. He truly is the is the Original Tree Doctor, making use of 82 different tree species and various embryonic fresh plant tissues. He is one of a kind staying true to the art of being a natural prescriber.

"Not just any absolute genius with a photographic memory could or would spend fifty or more years advancing the scientific research and clinical understanding of Embryonic PhytoMedicine, mainly as a solo practioner within the relatively hostile, and too often harshly sceptical, or critically dismissive opponents of new therapeutic developments.

Thankfully, serious research attention has been directed to this work, but I felt it's best chances for acceptance would require a book, from which those with clinical, scientific research, or general interest, could read, test, and decide for themselves just how and whether such an effort may be useful.

About eighteen thousand pages later, an encyclopedic presentation is now available in nine volumes of about 2000 pages each.

While I might attempt to endorse the work from many successful treatments myself, my family, our friends, or form those we have met who have benefitted, suffice it to say that in this regard, typically either nothing else was working, or nothing else was known to work.

As a formally trained dual primary specialist in both Internal and Emergency Medicine, with additional Research Cardiovascular Training at both Johns Hopkins and the Pentagon, I'm both honored and grateful that of the many brilliant practitioners, scientific researchers, and scholars I have met, I have the good fortune to know Dominique Richard.

There are at least another twenty-thousand pages he might have also written, and his injectables, at the heart of his work, will hopefully also soon receive their attention, after which we can then add parental usage to the droplets of Embryonic PhytoMedicine (formerly Embryonic Plant Stem Cell Therapy), with which Dominique has already achieved such remarkable success, in Regenerative Medicine, Reproductive Health, Oncology, COPD, Glioblastoma Multiforme, Parkinson's, Covid, Congestive and many other treatments for which there are other known treatments.


My personal experience with Dominique Richard has been wonderful. In my first ten week Biotherapeutic program he was able to correct my thyroid function without any adverse side effects which no one was able to do in my 80 years. He is extraordinarily knowledgeable and is not only professional but also caring, willing to take the time to share his knowledge and explain things. Today I am starting my third ten week program and I have much more energy then I had even ten years ago and now I know that I have a new lease on life"

Marion Monteleone

Dearest Dominique I just want to testify Substantiate. My Gratitude & recognition over
these many years. The Benefits Thriving in All categories Body/Mind/Spirit. Our
collaboration has afforded me. So particular/ in diagnosis/treatment Embryonic stem cell
extracts. The privilege of treatment refined over your career … Most Gratefully, Sincerely
a tribute to my own Good Karma Hallelujah

Susanna Brackman

Public Professionals
MEP Book 
Purchase Volume 1

Volume One includes the First Three Chapters

1. The Science Behind Embryonic Phytotherapy about their embryonic plant stem cell and their roles in human health, the juvenile phytohormones and biological activities in the human body. What is the unique purpose and effects of these extracts and why it is the long-awaited natural answer for a true Natural Prescriber? And the research I conducted on the newly discovered pathway discovered about the human body still not being taught in medical school to this day.

2. Blood test Interpretation and potential indications for outside of what is considered an optimal reference range value and which of these embryonic plant extracts influence on their value when high or low. A necessary review of Medicine up to date until this book is published since medical school have not sufficiently trained medical students on the subject matter of blood test interpretation. Dominique novel approach to health is that he never treats any conditions or diseases is target is that on one attaining a state of chemical homeostasis (equilibrium) when the body is chemically balanced nothing can reign or exist in a state of hormonal and chemical equilibrium. For any of this to become a reality you must first have identified what is the body toxic burden (BTB) and then to design a custom-made Biotherapeutic detoxification program that address specifically the remediation of the BTB. This approach to health by the successful detoxification of the BTB is essential in regaining much needed organs and glandular functions, thus increasing dying cells renewal and tissue regeneration increasing longevity. MEP restores the reticuloendothelial system. This methodology has proven to be the best nature as to offer pharmacologically as far as being the most effective antiaging medicine even the real potential it offers in the reversal of many deemed chronic condition or terminal diseases or for which presently exist no known treatment. Since the average human body contains approximately 37 trillion cells what is more important than to target cellular debris and cellular functions and silencing mistranslated cellular messaging and interrupts DNA miss garble misinformation. Embryonic plant primary activity is to help redirect abnormal cells to normal behavior. Help in DNA repair.

3. Nutrition Science an up-to-date review about every dietary nutrient, and vitamins, minerals and fatty acids, enzymes, amino acids, polyamines etc... found in the human body and what are the source of their content found in MEP and for which Nutritional sciences are not even a part of the current medical curriculum of education or training as if food does not play an important role in human health.


Total page count for Volume One is 2,155 pages, Size is 8.5 x 11 inches. Once purchase unless damage no return will be allowed it is to be understood that all sales are final and the shipping is included with all purchase.

The last Chapter 4 is the very comprehensive up to date Materia Medica A to Z. 82 different plants species use in MEP today, with three distinctive section;

1. Botany

2. Phytochemistry for Each Pant Complete Phytochemical and Nutritional Composition 


3. Pharmacological Indications for their use always listed in order of its importance for which bodily system it is most importantly used to the least important always listed last. 

Total estimated page count is approximately 16,000 pages spread over 8 Volumes still being formatted as we speak and will be available as soon as finish being formatted will be distributed. The problem that arise is that this cannot be produce on demand and the time it took to even find a printer who could handle the sheer volume and binding of this encyclopedia.

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