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Aging is NOT only an external phenomenon – it needs to be addressed from the inside out!


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EPEs are like Spark Plugs Cleaners of the Hormones Receptors improving
receptivity of the messages sent, sharpening their response and binding capacity


Way too Simple of Mind


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Plastic increase Cholesterol

Only 20% of our diet contributes t0 our cholesterol the rest is caused by Plastic

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Here at Advanced Phytochemist Consulting Education is our priority, we never underestimate the value of any given plant composition. We study every single plant species in its total phytochemical and nutritional composition, exhausting all of the scientific literature for a specific plant. The never-ending work of studying phytochemistry for which in ten years' time, a plant chemical composition could have change by as much as 10 to 30 percent this is caused by the continuous insult we keep imposing on nature with environmental pollutants and their toxicological effects on nature and human health. Phytochemistry is one of the most daunting tasks of any chemistry study. You see phytochemistry is the superior chemist keeps making new compounds to offset what we human keep imposing on nature.

Although embryonic fresh plant tissues the children growing in a toxic parent in the spring is a short 2-week window of opportunity to harvest the children that grows too often on a toxic parent. Plants are incredibly resilient most of them are adaptogens, great at adapting to the environment by making these new compounds to remedy those insults we keep imposing on nature and it is nature, who comes to rescue of mankind who really does not deserve such help considering the lack of respect we do not possess towards nature. We so called human are the agents of mass destruction, mass consumption and mass wasting, behaving like mad dog in heat and what a time to wake up and stop being so irresponsible, we must try to save our planet if not for us at least for our children and grandchildren. Embryonic plant extracts that are harvested late could potentially be as toxic as the parent adult plants and should not be consumed by humans. The purity of any so called natural finished product should always be ever so cognizant of these facts and confirmed by third party independent laboratory testing. Even a DNA testing of the correct species should also be performed based only on principal phytochemical present in an extracts as to be the source of species identification only DNA testing of the species itself takes all doubt out of the question and is worthy of doing and of course toxicology testing on every single batch for toxic metal must be conducted. We must reduce the toll of our exposure to pollutants, and this is one unnecessary source of it and the only way to be  certain of having the very best finished product. Also, microbiology testing should be done for fungus as well as bacteria. If any of it does not meet the marks, they should never be put into distribution we need to stand only for the highest of qualitative and quantitative activity potency, integrity, and excellence. The way I have establish the strength  1:10 concentration (Classical mother tincture) as per the French Pharmacopeia, for which all plant extracts are to be made with the three solvents water 40% present in  the 60% organic grape alcohol, organic vegetable glycerin from Red Palm Tree high in tocotrienol vitamin E antioxidant that helps in the stabilization of certain pigments such as the anthocyanidins and cyanidins, prone to oxidation so far the self-life of these extracts is up to 8 years expiration date and still have some extract left of the past to test until 10 years, now this years will let be 9 years I will have it tested and will share the results. Presently these extracts are listed as a 5-year self-life.

Unfortunately, adult plants should no longer be used and recommended by any concern health care providers polluting further the unaware by stander ingesting adult plant is unfavorable because they had the time to interact with the environment filtering atmospheric and ecosystem pollution, we human are imposing on nature. By ingesting these adult plants, you are further contributing and driving your body toxic burden (BTB) pool or increasing your level of toxicity. I know this will be the biggest challenge of my entire career is to convince those who already prescribed adult plant extracts should switch to the use of embryonic phytotherapy exclusively and abandon the old practice of such contaminant found in adult phytotherapy. This is my ethical duty is to  protect the  public from further harm and worse the lack of successful outcome from products that are not potent, which defeat a healthy approach using outdated plant extracts who had ample time accumulating pollutants now lets get some more adult plant extracts ingested. Sad news is the  reality that is the outdated use of traditional herbal medicine is passe and must be done with. Amid of an embryonic plant extracts Biotherapeutic program having sufficient plants that are non toxic in this way an adult plant extracts could still play a limited role for when another compound not found in embryonic phytotherapy is required to achieve a specific chemical formulae goal.

Furthermore, unless you have studied a plant composition entirely, you could never possibly know what it is best pharmacologically indicated for, all the current herbal course online, and surprisingly even in the naturopathic college are being thought today, they are all outdated research of some 30 years plus ago so much that their new indications for which they were once known for may no longer be effective for these conditions or symptoms due to the increase in pollution that has made a plant adapt and its phytochemical may have change as a direct result of these pollutants.


My hope is to infiltrate in the clinical setting in hope that doctor will start to recognize the gravity of the many problems we are facing in environmental medicine as a root cause for so many diseases and conditions that goes either misdiagnosed or completely ignored and unrecognized. Like that of what plastic pollution now found in the blood of human increasing your elevated total cholesterol one of many environmental root cause are the micro or nano plastic for which is non-biodegradable compound known as hormones receptor disruptors causing havoc of our endocrine system mimicking estrogen. 

However, since the discovery of plastic found inside the human body plants have created a new type of phenolic acid that has shown very promising for rendering a non-biodegradable substance such as plastic could finally be dissolve by nature superior chemistry, how exciting is this prospect, to being able to detoxify out of the body something that should have never been found in the blood of humans in the first place. According to the World Health Organization (WHO) study last year alone 140 million people were newly diagnosis with dementia, and it is estimated this year will triple to 420 million new cases of dementia and all attributed to the Toxic Metals (in the past referred to Heavy metals), part of the body toxic burden (BTB) found in all of the world tap and bottled waters especially mercury and lead. The problem with toxic metals is the amount found in our water is part per million and part per billion yes too small to be considered toxic the problem is that they accumulate with time, and they love to embed themselves deep within adipose (fats) tissues and cells.

Even a simple substance such as sulfites, also commonly called sulfur dioxide, from wine is a naturally occurring and unnaturally added preservative the body was never designed to metabolize such a chemical accumulates over a period of time, also from the deadly night shade of vegetables such as tomatoes, green pepper, eggplant, potatoes all contains a toxic alkaloid called solanine impossible for our liver to process also deposit itself into our joint and never exit the body.  Tomatoes are often referred as being a vegetable incorrectly, when in fact is a fruit. Fruit is an edible part of a plant that develops from a flower and contains seeds. Peppers and eggplant are also technically nightshade fruits. Vegetables are any other edible part of a plant, like the roots, stems, or leaves. Potatoes are a nightshade vegetable, not a fruit. An average weight adult is 150 lbs. and requires consuming solanine 135 mg in order to experience side effects of diarrhea, nausea, a fever, headaches, joint pain, and inflammation.

The ignorance that pollution is a root cause of disease cannot be any longer ignored by physician especially when it comes to the many oncological treatments failure they are. Nowhere, is this truer, than for the treatment of cancer, the evidence suggests that chemotherapy offers breast cancer patients such a small survival rate of little more than 2.5% most of them dies from the damage caused by chemotherapy to the heart or the immune system where they die from an infection. The hype around chemotherapy has taken the treatment into a newfound area of fraud – far more fraudulent indeed than for any treatments, which are dismissed as irrelevant or harmful by the establishment. Oncologists have such a vast interest in promoting a therapy that has proven among all cancers little effective makes them part of the larger and thriving ‘cancer industry' the worse is that no one believe oncologist are in cahoots with the pharmaceutical company for which is not only unethical but criminal you cannot completely blame them knowingly they only make 85,000 dollars base salary per year, from an oncological hospital. How many women with breast cancer realize that their survival chances might be better if they took a low dose aspirin and avoided dairy (with the hormone BST) products including plastic than if they accepted chemotherapy? A small number of medical oncologists take part of fee splitting with the pharmaceutical companies which is completely illegal and received very high payments from convincing someone to do chemotherapy they received a kick back funding by as much as 40% of the 160,000 dollars average cost for these poisonous substances. These physicians hold major leadership roles within oncology. Further work is needed to understand the extent to which these conflicts of interest have shape clinical practice and policy (Wright et al., 2022). Why would a sizable percentage of oncologists - the ones who are telling so many patients to not lose that window of opportunity for chemotherapy effectiveness - when oncologists were asked in one study if they had been stricken with the diagnosis of any cancer would they choose to do same chemotherapy the recommend 98 percent of them said absolutely not? I have a very difficult time accepting this known inside fact and how can with a straight face live with the lies they tell people about the success rate being 40%.

Last but not least is the enormous problem we have with addiction to prescription and recreational drugs for which only one effective treatment exists with 100 percent free of any withdrawals. A plant called Ibogaine a psychoactive indole alkaloid drug, is the future of modern psychiatry who has mainly been targeting the wrong causative deficiency of serotonin when in facts is much more attributed to a dopamine deficiency than any serotonin for which so many studies have already proven Iboga the alkaloid found in this African origination plant will rewire the brain and corrects a dopamine deficiency for good being a cure that was extensively studies by Dr. Deborah C. Mash at the University of Miami in the United States but when the manufacturer of methadone and suboxone heard of the successful studies suppressed the information due to the monopoly they hold on the drug market such a cure and made sure that its approval never be a part of any physician prescribing to be made available to the American public. This is the biggest omission ever withheld from the freedom act of main stream public information. How do I know this treatment to work so well? In my life drug addictions (all types) as been a passion of mine in my research. Some 30 years ago I had adopted nine children aged 9 to 15 yrs. old all drug addicts (all types) victim from drug addict parents out of the nine  7 of them did ibogaine treatment one time in a clinic in Mexico and an hospital in Toronto Canada and ever since never done another drug in their life and are all functional productive citizens return back to society and the unexpected rewards is that I have now 4 grand children.

Wright K, Meyers DE, Chisamore TM, McInnes MDF, Sismondo S, Gyawali B, Prasad V, Booth CM (2022). Industry Relationships With Medical Oncologists: Who Are the High-Payment Physicians? JCO Oncol Pract. 2022 Jul;18(7):e1164-e1169. Doi: 10.1200/OP.21.00756. Epub 2022 Jun 13. PMID: 35696634. 

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