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Plants & Nature

Plants are one of the most important, yet the least understood, and the most taken-for-granted of all living matter in our world.


We still have so much to learn from plants and nature – scientific research studies conclude that their complex biochemistry holds the potential answers in the reversal of disease and for our well-being.

Phytochemicals may not be considered essential for nutrition; however, they are essential for the many medicinal biological activities they provide in human health benefits. For humans, plants are indeed “Bioessential” to our own survival, well-being, and increases our lifespan.

It is we Human beings who are the agents of Mass Destruction, Mass Polluting, Mass Consuming and the more pollution by Mass Wasting. We have enough of everything to share it among all of us. They used to say we have six degrees of separation among us. However, this was reduced down to only two degrees of separation between us, I say to that not even one degree of separation, since we all need to breathe, we all need be loved, eat and sleep it is we humans who are on a self-destructive trajectory.


My grandson had it right when he said to me grandpapa stop worrying about the state of the world and trying to save our planet, when I grow up, I will become the president and make it one world obligate all countries to stop seeing any differences among us drop out their guards and riffle down so archaic where is evolution in this world? We are rehashing and repeating the same bullshit as in sleeping and doing nothing about most of it. It's time to revamp everything and turn over your complacency in regard to doing nothing. Because when it comes time to die, we will care for the nothing that we become.

Dominique Richard ©2000

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